How to Transfer Voter ID from State to State

The below are the details are How to Transfer Voter ID. Have you moved from state to state? However, you do not need to apply for a new voter ID. Transferring the old state to its current state is enough.

Most people apply for voter ID when they move from one state to another. However, if you change from state to state .. Do you know that there is a facility for transferring voter ID? Confused about not knowing how to change address when changing areas? However, do so.

How to Transfer Voter ID

If you change your house, district or state, you must change the address of your voter ID. You can also complete this process online. See it.


  • Go to of National Voters Service.
  • Click on Correction.
  • Click Form 8 and fill in your details.
  • Write the details of the state and constituencies where you are currently staying.
  • Give your personal details, past voter ID details. Upload your latest photo and address proof as well as ID documents.
  • Let them know what updates or changes you want to make.
  • Please tell us which state or district you are from. Give your contact details .. Check all the details and submit.


Download Form-8 from the National Voters Service Portal Or, take Form-8 from the Electoral Registration Officer or Assistant Electoral Registration Officer in your assembly constituency. Include full details in the application as stated above online.

These are mandatory: the applicant must submit the credentials to the current address. Address proof is mandatory along with two passport size photos. You can submit any driving license, passport, ration card, income tax return, gas or water bill or rental agreement under address proof.

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