Identity Cards Online | How to get back if lost?

Identity Cards: There are special websites for this purpose. It includes a semester. Let us find the following in the following article.

Identity Cards

Aadhaar card Online

If this identity card is lost, call toll free number 18001801947 and complain in full details. New card will be sent in multi post without needing to pay any fee. Full information is available on the [email protected] website.

In the meantime, the centers set up by the government zoning center have the possibility of converting any information other than the date of birth.

PAN Card Online

PAN card is now very important in financial transactions. In case of loss of Permanent Account Number card issued by the Income Tax Department, the applicant has to apply for a new card.

Application must be accompanied by old Pan card Xerox, two color photos, residence and identity certificates. You have to pay another 90 rupees for the new card. A new card grant can take up to three weeks.

Ration card Online

This card is very important for family needs. Not just for government subsidized items, but also for ration cards to get multiple certificates. This card is preferred in poor public life.

Officers who inspect the office by contacting the local number office with the operation number will issue the same number with a nominal fee.

Driving license Online

Driving license is required to drive a vehicle. Complain to the concerned police station immediately after the card is lost. A copy of the Driving License with a Valid Non-Traced Certificate must be provided at the Road Transport Office with the Law or Destruction of License.

Application for Duplicates Form, LLD. Also, the details of the card loss on the ten rupee bond paper will be disclosed. It can take about thirty days to get the card back. More details can be obtained by downloading the LLD form from the website

ATM card Online

When the card is lost, the concerned bank should lodge a complaint at the customer service center and provide the correct, complete information and block the card.

You will then need to inform the concerned bank manager of the complaint number. The authorities will confirm the issue and issue a new card. For this purpose, the banks charge a fixed fee.

Passport Online

If the passport is lost, you should first report it to the local police station. If they are investigated and available, a non traced certificate will be issued. After that, the passport officer has to collect Rs 1000 in the name of Hyderabad.

These two should be combined and applied. The Regional Superintendent of inquiry will issue the Duplicate Passport. It can take up to three months. If the Tatkal is a passport, you should contact the district SP directly. Contact us at

Voter Identity Card Online

This is one of the important identity cards identity cards. If you lose a voter identification card that is used for identification rather than voting, you can get the card again at your service center by paying a polling booth and card number of Rs. 

You can collect the card for free at the local tahasildar office based on the card number. For more information on voter identification card, you can visit website.

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