Voter ID Card Download Telangana

Duplicate Voter ID Card Download: You must show your voter ID card if you want to vote. Do not allow it to be lost or completely corrupted. However, you can participate in the polling with Duplicate ID. You can apply online or in person. See it. The below are the process How to Voter ID Card Download.

Duplicate Voter ID Card Download Online

  • If you are a Telangana voter, contact the State Electoral Officer website
  • Download the IPIC-002 form and embed the details.
  • Attach documents, along with your address proof, voter ID number.
  • If your voter ID is lost, an FIR copy must be attached to the application.
  • If the application is submitted to the local Electoral Officer a reference number will be given.
  • Application status can be found on the website with reference number.
  • Once your application is complete you can go to the Electrol Office and get the Application Duplicate ID.

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Duplicate Voter ID Card Online in Telangana

The below are the step by step process to Apply for Duplicate Voter ID Card Online in Telangana

Duplicate Voter ID Card Online

There are situations whilst the voter ID card is misplaced or lost. In such conditions, there may be an urgent need for generating a duplicate voter ID card. The country election fee of Telangana makes a provision for issuing a replica voter ID card.

Procedure for applying for a replica voter ID card has been explained below:

Visit the Election Commission of India website.

Download shape EPIC-002.

If the voter ID card has been lost or stolen, then you will be required to submit the FIR along with the application shape.

If the people have torn or unusable voter ID card, they can submit the card along side the application form to the nearest Electoral Office.

After the utility has been verified, you’ll be receiving the voter ID card on your cope with thru publish or you can accumulate the voter ID from the electoral workplace.

Step by step process for Voter ID Card in Telangana Offline
Voter ID card is the most vital document. It no longer only allows people to vote in local, country and national elections however also serves as a evidence of identity and address.

You can practice for another voter ID card via offline mode in case your card has been stolen or misplaced through following this easy procedure:

Visit the closest electoral office and accumulate a copy of Form EPIC-002.

Fill up the form and post it to the nearest electoral office with all the relevant documents. If you have out of place or lost your voter ID card, you then also need to submit a duplicate of the FIR as well.

If your card is torn, then you definitely ought to ship the cardboard together with the utility shape.

The electoral workplace verifies the information and a new voter ID card is issued.

Online Voter ID Correction from AP to Telangana

Online Voter ID Correction from AP to Telangana

Online Voter ID Correction from AP to Telangana: If you have moved your permanent house from one meeting constituency to another, you’ll ought to replace the brand new residential deal with for your Voter ID Card.
Your name must be transferred from the electoral roll of your antique constituency to the electoral roll of the new one.
Otherwise, you may now not be capable of vote in either of the constituencies. A Voter ID is no longer handiest your price ticket to casting votes in countrywide and meeting elections however additionally serves as an identity and address proof.
Instead of applying for a new Voter ID in the new assembly constituency of a state, you can just update your present address on the Voter ID card.

Procedure for Update

Using Form-8, you can observe for a change on your permanent cope with at the election card. You can practice online at the NVSP internet site or go to the closest electoral office for your area. You will must offer evidence of the new residential deal with within the shape of electricity or gas bill.

You can exchange or Update address in Voter ID in 2 ways:

Update Voter ID Online.
Update Voter ID Offline.

Online method for Voter ID correction/update:

    1. Visit National Voters Service Portal

national voters service portal website

    1. Click on “Correction of entries in electoral roll”.

voter id registration steps

    1. Click on “Form -8” on the page
    2. This will direct you to the actual web page wherein you could request for voter card correction.
    3. Enter the info within the form.
  1. Your State and Parliamentary Constitution / Assembly
  2. Name, Gender, Age, Part range of electoral roll and Serial wide variety
  3. Provide information of the family including the name of father / mother / husband
  4. Enter your complete address
  5. Provide Voter ID Card details
  6. Once this records is furnished, upload documents which aid them like present day photograph, legitimate ID proof, and address proof
  7. Now, pick the details which want to be corrected/changed.
  8. Enter the address or place you are making a request from (city).
  9. Mention the date on which this request to accurate the call in your voter ID is being made.
  10. Provide your contact information (mobile range, e mail ID).
  11. Verify the facts furnished by you and click the “Submit” tab.

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